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Yamagoya, Soho | Review

belleamis, yamagoya

belleamis, yamagoya

belleamis, yamagoya

belleamis, yamagoya

belleamis, yamagoya


Yamagoya UK is a ramen “pop-up” shop. I say that in air quotes because this pop-up has extended its time and they may as well as call themselves a restaurant!

Known for their delicious ramen and the famous raindrop cake, Yamagoya is well worth the visit. Their ramen dishes have a hearty broth and noodles cooked to your preference, topped with delicious veggies such as bamboo shoots, scallions, wood ear mushrooms and sweetcorn. For vegetarians/ vegans there aren’t many options, which is a bit disappointing. However the raindrop cake is vegan so that’s very good news for all vegans.

The ramen is flavoured beautifully. The meat ramen are full-bodied and have a rich taste, whereas the vegetarian is slightly less rich but still flavourful. The vegetables added crunch and sweetness to the ramen, which I had to counter with quite a lot of chilli (personal preference). The tofu was perfect; soft on the inside and chewy on the outside. We ordered extra eggs for toppings and it was the best decision. The yolk was a beautiful orange colour and so creamy! It took the ramen to the next level.

The raindrop cake by itself doesn’t have a taste. It’s almost like jellied water, but with a hint of sweetness. However eaten with the syrup and soybean powder it is delicious. The cake is not only tasty but super fun to eat, definitely the highlight of my meal.

The waitress was so lovely and attentive, we sat right next to the kitchen where we got glimpses of the chefs working their magic. The restaurant is decorated in the traditional Japanese ramen house style which makes the whole experience a little more authentic.

Overall, Yamagoya was amazing and I will definitely go back, however I really hope they will add more vegetarian/ vegan dishes to the menu.

Till my next eat x

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