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Who knew a walk in Hyde Park would lead to so many great adventures!

Ok, that was a lie.. we knew WongFu were having a meet and greet so we went to Italian Gardens in Hyde Park and got the chance to meet Wes and Phil. It was so strange seeing them in real and it really hasn’t sunk in especially because the meet and greet was so quick (due to the high volume of people). It was such a beautiful day and meeting them was a cherry on the top!

We ended the night by having dinner at Ed’s diner in Oxford Street and it wasn’t amazing but it was something new.. well the atmosphere was something knew. I had Ed’s plate which included sweet potato burger, fries, onion rings and coleslaw. It was so filling and the onion rings were amazing.

What I wore:

Shirt and Tank- Primark; Jeans- Topshop; Shoes- Office; Aviators- Ray Bans

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