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I went rock climbing!

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10922786_10155155856530061_4510631743515186261_n 10922435_10155155857165061_5190844948768977740_nYESSS I WENT ROCK CLIMBING!!

okay, so it was more of those pop-up rock climbing boards but still, you have to start somewhere! My uni was doing a “well-being” week so there were lots of activities happening and rock climbing happened to be one of them. I was seriously so excited to do it. Every time I’ve seen someone rock climb I’ve always thought it looked super easy so I wasn’t really worried.  BUT HELL NO.

As I stood in front of the 100000ft wall my palms started sweating. It didn’t help that it was around -1000 degrees Celsius so my hands were in so much pain every time I tried to grip onto the “rocks”. I didn’t even know where to place my hands or legs in the beginning, even thinking about it now is making me nervous. I’m not scared of heights but when I was climbing I couldn’t look down at all. I was so scared about misplacing my foot or not holding onto the rock tight enough and falling to my death (even though I had a harness on lol). After what felt like a million years, I finally reached the top and it felt AMAZING. It was so exhilarating!

I came back down and the woman was like “go on, climb once more you can do it!.” I said no, but then I thought yolo ahaha. I wanted to give up halfway because my hands were so cold and it was becoming really painful to climb. But I didn’t give up and pushed through it! I made it to the top and it felt even better the second time 😀 I have soooo much more respect for rock climbers. yaay I’m really happy I did it, really good start to uni 😀

“Do one thing a day that scares you”- My motto for 2015

Also thank you to my SU for these pictures, I didn’t ask for it to be taken btw. They were taking it for the SU website, I just happen to be in a lot of them lol



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