Up at The O2

For a team building exercise, my company took us to Up at the O2. It was so much fun.

Luckily for us it wasn’t piercingly sunny or rainy. You definitely don’t want to climb up on a slippery surface. Prior to the climb, we were shown a safety video and asked to sign a form- pretty standard stuff. Then the guides took us to the top where we were harnessed onto a metal rope. There were 3 inclines to the climb: normal, slightly steep and very steep.

When climbing you have to maneuver your harness clip so it slides through the knots. It’s quite a laborious process but you get used to it quickly. You are advised to keep your phones in your pockets and not use them till you reach the top. However being the rebels we were, my colleague took her phone out and snapped a pic. I would NOT recommend you do this because she nearly dropped her phone.

Once at the top, we got a panoramic view of the riverside and south east London. To be 100% honest, the view isn’t amazing, it may be better in the evening but it wasn’t anything spectacular. The climb down was petrifying, especially on the super steep decline. The shoes they give you have very good grip but when you are looking straight down to what could be your fall-of-death, it was horrendous. Once the initial decline was over, everything else was a piece of cake!

Overall, it was really fun climbing the O2. As mentioned, the view isn’t amazing but the climb is really fun. Plus it doesn’t take too long to go up and down. The whole climb including our break at the top took less than 45 minutes!

What adventure have you embarked upon recently? Comment below!

Till my next adventure x

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