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Tofu Ramen

This was the aim
Some of the fresh ingredients used: Mangetout, Organic Tofu, Spring onions, Ginger and Mushrooms
Step 1: Fry the ginger and mushroom with some olive oil, chilli flakes and star anise. Cook for 1 minute.
Then add Shaoxing wine and cook for 1 minute till it evaporates and then add rice vinegar and cook for a short 30 secs! (as pictured)
Add desired amount of water (around 500ml to 1L) and add one vegetable stock cube. Then reduce to simmer.
Add the Tofu and stir, let it simmer for 2 minutes.
Add the Wheat Noodles and simmer for 4 minutes.
As it’s cooking add Soy Sauce, the whites of the spring onion, mangetout and simmer for 4 more minutes. Taste the noodle to see if it’s cooked through, if not simmer for 1 min till it’s soft.

Pour the noodle soup into a bowl and garish as you wish! I used A LOT of spinach, tomatoes and spring onion. AAANNNNND YOU’RE DONE!
OM NOM NOM IT TASTED SO GOOD! And it was only around 500 calories for this entire bowl!

I got this recipe for “Tofu Ramen” from Gousto, but I adjusted it a little bit here and there to suit my taste. I love noodles.. mmmmmm Carbs! This dish was so yummy and really filling, on top of that it is extremely healthy too. Win win for everyone!

Full Ingredient list: Wheat Noodles, Tofu, Soy Sauce, Rice Vinegar, Shaoxing Wine, Chilli Flakes, Ginger, Spring onion, Mangetout, Mushrooms, Vegetable Stock cube, Star Anise, Olive oil, Tomatoes and Spinach.

See you don’t have to starve yourself or deprive yourself of good food to get a good body. You should also follow me on my food instagram 😉

Anyways hope you guys enjoy the recipe.. and I shall also attempt to recreate again it so I can dive into the bowl and relive this beautiful moment.


p.s this dish is vegetarian and vegan.

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