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Things to do in Copenhagen in Winter

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Copenhagen was one of the chillest (literally and figuratively) cities I’ve been too and it was also the only city in the world where my skin was glowing everyday despite not making an effort. I truly believe there’s something magical in Danish air, especially in the Winter. So even if you don’t do the things stated below, you should sit anywhere in Copenhagen and just let the air make your skin beautiful.

So here are few things to do in Copenhagen in the Winter (around January):

Visit Nyhavn (duh)

If you’re going to Copenhagen, you can’t not go see the colour houses along the Nyhavn canal. It’s so distinctly Danish, it would be shame to miss out. Since January is super cold, there aren’t tons of tourists around Nyhavn at this time. It’s super chill and there are only a handful of people so you get to appreciate the area and take lots of wonderful pictures without having a crowd around you.

belleamis, copenhagen


Go see the Little Mermaid (duh! duh!)

Just like the above point, you cannot leave Copenhagen without seeing the Little Mermaid! Since it is a very popular tourist site you can expect a few number of people around but as mentioned before it’s a lot less compared to summer. The water here is crystal clear and also a lovely walk from Nyhavn, albeit a bit long. You might even get visited by the two VIP guests, they’ll make your trip to the Little Mermaid even more worth while.

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Visit galleries & museums

Since it’s so cold, you might want to stay warm inside of a museum/gallery and learn something new about Denmark. There is a wonderful art gallery called Glyptotek and the National Museum of Denmark. They’re located very close to each other so you could visit one after another.

Go see the guard changing ceremony

The guards arrive at Amalienborg Palace at exactly 12pm so make sure to get there on time. They leave Rosenborg Castle at 11:30am so you can watch the guards parading through the city to the palace. It’s quite cool to watch everything being done with so much precision. Plus it’s amazing to see young kids trying to make guards laugh and adults chasing after them to take a pic.

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Walk around the shopping district

It’s even better at night when it’s all lit up. We walked through the shopping district on our way to Nyhavn and it was a lovely, easy walk as it’s literally a long straight road that leads you directly to Nyhavn. There’s also a few sites along the way you could stop to see. The shopping district is a blend of designer and high street shops, I didn’t feel as though the designers were separated from the high street which is nice to see.

Have coffee in one of the smallest hotels in the world

This was probably one of the cutest places I’ve been to. The hotel is squished between two giants so it looks even smaller. The signboard is 20% of the hotel. The hotel itself has one bedroom with a cafe downstairs. It was kind of hard to find (partially because we got lost), but once you’re there you won’t miss it. The inside will fit max 4 people, so go there when there’s no crowd, around 4/5pm, so you can sit inside. Otherwise they have two tiny tables outside. You also get free postcards in the cafe- a travelling hack, you save a few Danish Krone on postcards 😉

belleamis, copenhagen

Eat smørrebrød 

Or at least one Danish dish. You can’t go to another country and not try any of their traditional dishes. We searched high and low for this. For something that supposed to be everywhere, we found it difficult to find. We finally got a taste of smørrebrød in the most touristy location- Nyhavn. Funnily enough, it was at a Scottish pub, but the server was Danish and he convinced us it was traditional enough so yay! We also get very traditional side dishes of jalapeno poppers and chips (hehehe). The smørrebrød is delicious, it’s an open sandwich topped with very Danish flavours. It’s usually served cold so order something warm on the side especially in Winter.

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Visit the autonomous town of Christiania

Freetown Christiania is a considered a ‘hippie’ town and are autonomous to Copenhagen. They have their own written and non-written rules and is a massive tourist spot. It used to be a military site, but is now a residential area. It’s a huge contrast to central Copenhagen so you definitely need to see it. You can take pictures everywhere in Freetown Christiania except in Pusher Street or the ‘Green light district’. Despite having their own rules, cannabis is still illegal, so it’s quite obvious why photography is not allowed on Pusher Street when you walk through it.

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Get a rooftop view of Copenhagen for free

Copenhagen can be (is) very expensive so if you get to do things for free, jump at it! The Tower at Christiansborg Palace has free entry and a great view of the city. You can see for miles and miles, plus the lighting is really good so pictures come out great. The red roofs of Copenhagen look beautiful from up there. If you’re hungry you can grab food from the restaurant just below.

christiansborg palace, belleamis

Explore the night life

because why not. It’s always fun to experience night life in a different country. We actually didn’t get to do this because we were so tired. And the night we tried to do something, our hostel bar closed just as we were about to get a drink so we took it as sign. If you do want to go out, the area around the Central Station and Norreport are LIVEEE!

Take a day trip to Sweden

Yoooo!!! This is an amazing way to visit Sweden. There are direct trains and buses to Malmö so there’s no excuse. The train takes 30-40mins whilst bus is around 1.5hrs-2hrs. The train is obviously more expensive at £10 one way, whereas the bus is cheaper (even more if you book well in advance). The journey from Copenhagen to Malmö is really beautiful, especially at sunset, and you get to cross the famous Øresund Bridge. Make sure to carry your passport as they have border control.

belleamis, copenhagen

Hope you guys enjoyed my list, and let me know below if you have anything else to add!

Enjoy your trip & till my next post x

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