Gurkha Tea

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Gurkha Tea is a family owned business who have introduced the taste of Nepal to the world.

There are three types of tea: Black, Green and White. Each tea has it’s own flavour and they are all bold and absolutely delicious. Every cup will take you on a journey and you will not want the drink to end. The black teas are bold in flavour and have dark earthy tones but it’s so so delicious. The green teas are my personal favourites- there are two types: sencha and gurkha green. Sencha has a stronger taste- much grassier whereas the gurkha green has sweeter notes so it’ll be perfect for green tea beginners.

The white teas are liquid gold. They are the most exquisite teas you will taste. They are so delicate in colour but full of flavour. Golden and Silver tip teas are very rare so it’s a MUST try from the Gurkha Tea range. It honestly feels like you’re drinking liquid gold- expensive in price but priceless in taste. It’s definitely worth the extra £ especially if you want to experience something so unique and exquisite.