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2015-02-01 19.14.34
Maki de Luxe. Top- Bottom: Salmon Ceviche, Shake Aioli, Ebi Panko and Hell’s Kitchen
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everybody loves the Giris xP

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Biiirthday gal
2015-02-01 19.08.28
Salmon Carpaccio

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We went to Sticks ’n’ Sushi for my gaaalfriend’s birthday and it was greaaaaat!

We went to the Covent Garden branch and it was so pretty, the atmosphere in the restaurant was really cosy and warm. The lights were dimly lit- which is not photo friendly-and as soon as you walked in there was hint of sushi in the air. I was hungry the moment I stepped foot inside the restaurant lol.

I love sushi but I HATE choosing sushi, it literally took us 30-40mins deciding on what we wanted, we looked over the menu so many times my hair started greying. After a lifetime of choosing we decided on the “Make de Luxe” and the “Salmon Carpaccio”.  The food was good, the sauces they put on the salmon and the sushi were soooo good! It complimented the sushi really well.  My favourite sushi was the “salmon ceviche” which had a lemon tinge that gave it a really edgy kick-LOVED IT. I also really liked “hell’s kitchen”, the sauce they put on top of the tuna was so good, I think it was Japanese mayo and bbq sauce- uhhh delish!! The crunch from the tempura prawn was perfect too, oh my god my mouth is watering as I write this. The sad thing was after 40mins of deciding, we finished the food in 10seconds.

Being perfectly honest, the sushi were pretty pricey, especially for what it was. It says on the back of the menu that you don’t go to “sticks’n’sushi” to feel full, you go for the experience. I guess that was pretty true, it felt like we were in a really fancy and hip restaurant in downtown LA or New York. We felt really sophisticated and as if we’d made it in life. Ahhh what sushi can make you feel.

But of course, being the pigs we are, we ended the night in Chinatown where we bought vegetable buns to satisfy our hunger LOL

Overall, sticks n sushi was pretty good but it’s definitely on the expensive side so only go if you want an “experience” and be prepared to splash yo cash and to eat a second dinner.

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