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South Asia Diary: Kanchanaburi

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Bathing with elephants in Kanchanaburi was the most magical experience I had during my holiday.

I’ve always wanted to see elephants and interact with them, to have the chance to BATHE them was beyond my expectations. We were greeted by the elephants and we got to see them and understand how they were, then we got to sit on them whilst they sprayed us with water. It was bathing itself whilst bathing us!

I don’t know what I was expecting but the elephant skin was so rough and hairy! I was trying to pat our elephant and be nice to it so it wouldn’t throw me off when coming down. Thankfully it gently threw us off!

After bathing with the elephants we got to eat lunch which was a traditional Thai meal of TomYum fried rice with vegetables and fruits to finish off our meal.

Kanchanaburi is highly recommended!

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