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South Asia Diary: Grand City Tour, Phuket

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For our last day in Phuket we took the grand city tour which consisted of visiting the Big Buddha, Kata View Point, Meeting a baby elephant, Tiger Kingdom, Bee Factory and Cashew Factory.

Our first stop was the Kata View point where we got a beautiful view of Kata beach and Patong beach. The water was blue and the sand was white, it was a bit sad we didn’t get to go there. We had a 15min stop there before heading off to our next destination- The Big Buddha.

Initially I thought the Big Buddha would feel more spiritual and holy, and in the beginning it was, until we got to the top and there was a massive sign saying “like us on facebook”. Personally, I didn’t like that and it felt very commercialised instead of holy. Next we headed to meet the baby elephant! We met for 15mins and we could touch her and feed her. She was such an adorable elephant. They even give you big elephant kisses, which I was a bit petrified as first (as the pic shows). After that we headed to the bee factory.

I thought we would see bee hives and honey being cultivated but we were literally just shown around the gift shop where we got to try the honey and other items made from honey and that was it…no joke. Then we went to the cashew factory where we saw how cashews grew, how they are picked and how they are taken out from their shell and flavoured. There were so many samples and we ate ALL of them.

Our final stop was Tiger Kingdom, this place is quite controversial because of the recent scandal surrounding the tiger temples of Bangkok. I, personally, didn’t enjoy the Tiger Temple because 1) I was petrified of standing next to the tigers 2) The staff were incredibly rude and 3) it was heartbreaking to see such beautiful and majestic animals so emotionless and completely drugged. I will admit, the tiger cubs were super cute and thankfully they aren’t drugged.

That was the end of my tour in Phuket. The rest of the night we enjoyed the night life for one last time, took sneaky photos of the ladyboys (it was 100 baht to take a pic with them). Also how beautiful are they!?!? We enjoyed dinner by the beach and had my favourite rolled ice cream and nutella pancakes- best way to end our time in Phuket!

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