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South Asia Diary: Erawan Falls

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Erawan Falls was situated in Kanchanaburi and it was one of our last stops before the end of our holiday.

There were 7 levels to Erawan Falls, the first one was a 20 minute walk from the gate and level 2 was 100m away, level 3 was 400m away and it carried on like that. Level 7 was around 2000m or 3/4 hours away from level 1. It may not come as a surprise but we only went up to level 4!

The falls were beautiful and the water was absolutely insane. It was turquoise and completely clear so you could see all the fishes extremely clearly. The fishes were the ones they use for foot massages, some people dipped their feet into the water and let the fishes nibble on their toes.

I wanted to go for a swim but seeing the fishes attack people as soon as they entered the water made me think otherwise. I did enjoy the view though. The waterfalls in every level were beautiful, but it was very obvious how much editing they did to the pictures when you saw them in real life!

I’m not sayin Erawan Falls wasn’t beautiful but compared to the pictures it was VERY different. Still, it is a very beautiful place and I would really recommend people go and visit, even if it’s just for the fishes (trust me they are so fascinating to observe!!)

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