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South Asia Diary: Chiang Mai

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Another city, another food tour.

Chiang Mai unlike other cities was very vegetarian friendly. I went to a vegan/ vegetarian restaurant for lunch and it was amazing. The food was made fresh to order and everything was beautiful. The restaurant itself was hidden behind trees and huts, we found it because of a shabby little sign saying “vegan restaurant this way”. I was very apprehensive at first but there was another customer at the restaurant eating and she said the food was delicious so I trusted this stranger’s opinion. Thank god I did! It was one of the best meals I had on my holiday.

After a very satisfying lunch we got foot massages, which was much needed because my feet were swollen to double their normal size!! If a stranger saw my feet they’d think I was an elephant. Heat + my feet are not a good match.

After eating and eating and massages, we went to the night market for some last minute shopping and more eating. The market was really fun, they had a large open plan with stalls in the centre and food courts surrounding the vicinity. I bought a chess set and some fairy lights. EXCEPT, my fairy lights have the Thai plugs so it doesn’t fit the UK standards, I was so excited to fit my lights but now my heart is broken 🙁

Other than that, Chiang Mai is beautiful and it’s a shame we didn’t have more time there, will definitely be back!

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