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South Asia Diary: Chatuchuk, Bangkok

These fruit mocktails were insanely popular, everyone in Chatuchuk had them.



Best bread-on-stick EVER
Guava with spicy sauce..YUM!


Everyone was eating this so we had to try, still have no idea what it was but it was delicious. Veggie friendly as well
My love, coconut icecream <3

image image image image image image image image image

Most of our visits to the markets consisted of eating.. lots of eating. There were so many crazy delicious options to choose from we couldn’t not try the delicious foods in front of us.

One of the main markets we went to was Chatuchuk weekend market. As the name suggests it was open only during the weekend which meant the crowd was crazier. They had 27 different sections, not stalls, SECTIONS! Within these sections were hundreds of stalls. If you have one favourite stall, guaranteed you won’t find it again. So if you find an item you really like from one stall, bargain and buy it there! You might be able to find the products elsewhere but prices may change and more than likely you’ll never find that first stall again. Chatuchuk was definitely our favourite shopping place, they had everything you could ever need from food to clothes to shoes to pet food to plants.. whatever you want and need they have it. I would HIGHLY recommend Chatuchuk.

We also went to Patpong night market but they had less options and it wasn’t as exciting as chatuchuk. The only thing that stood out at Patpong were the bars.. not just any bars, they were all strip clubs and “those” kind of bars. The market was in the middle of the road and the bars were on the side, so as you walk through the market the bar girls would invite (or lure) the people into bars. It was absolutely crazy.

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