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South Asia Diary: Ayutthaya, Thailand

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Ayutthaya was incredibly beautiful and humbling. It was a few hours drive from Bangkok but it was worth it!

We went to Wat Mahatat and to the reclining Buddha and as the pictures above show, it was beyond beautiful. I absolutely love Buddha and Buddhism so for me it was very spiritual and I felt so lucky to see so many temples dedicated to Buddha. It really made me feel peaceful and I earned brownie points with my mother who thought I’d be partying all day in Thailand, win-win!

Entrance to the temples in Ayutthaya was around 20-50 baht.

Wat Mahatat is probably the most famous temple in Ayutthaya because of the tree-trunk Buddha. It is said that, the tree trunk Buddha is the only remaining head, after the attack on the temples hundreds of years ago where Buddhas were decapitated.

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