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The Souks, Marrakech #Marrabouts

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The Souks of Marrakech are something else. The vibe is absolutely amazing and it’s definitely a place everyone needs to visit.

The first day we visited the Souks we went around late evening thinking it’ll be less crowded.. boy were we wrong. Around 5/6pm the Sun was less harsh making it the perfect weather to visit the Souks so EVERYONE was there. We didn’t even have to walk, the crowd carried us to the Souks. Once there, vendors are calling for you left, right and centre. Whether it’s a restaurant, a henna stall, a juice bar.. anything! It can get overwhelming and even claustrophobic so be prepared.

To avoid the crowd and really see the vastness of the market we went to a rooftop restaurant, where we HAD to buy a drink. So we sat there with our cups of mint tea, absorbing and enjoying craziness of the Souks. It was amazing.

Our next trip to the Souks was made in the afternoon when the Sun was piercing through our skin. It was so hot but we wanted to buy a few bits and bobs before leaving. Shopping in the souks is an adventure, going through alley after alley, finding similar products at every stall being told a different price at every stall, it’s exhausting but so exhilarating. Also we were NOT dressed appropriately to bargain. As soon as they saw us prices were hiked extortionately, so make sure not to wear Chanel sunglasses.

Overall, the souks were amazing, a core part of any trip to Marrakech.

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