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Signaturee NNY Party 2072

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First of all, HAPPY NEPALI NEW YEAR 2072!

I hope you all had an amazing start to your NNY and have an equally, if not even better rest of the year.

About a week ago (..week ago (does Shmoney dance)) I went to the Signature NNY party and it was great! Firstly, I got the magic card which gave me access to literally everywhere. I felt a bit like royalty, the security were extra nice to me-they would open doors for me, let me skip queues, smuggle me through the crowds, so yeah I was basically a princess for the night. Kidding.

The Signaturee Crew dais were really nice and before the party we got a tour of the place and were introduced to everyone. It was really amazing to see how the organisers work behind the scenes.The team are so dedicated and professional, it was clear to see why all their events are so successful- they put in 110% and are all about the customers.

I guess people want to read about my experience.. FIRSTLY thank you to those that read my previous post. I had people come up to me and tell me they came to the party because of my my post. I’m pretty sure they were trying to flatter me but still thank you (ahaa). I honestly didn’t know what to think, part of me wanted to strut around like a celebrity and the other part wanted to cringe and hide. But it was quite nice to know people have ready my posts hehehehehee. The first I did when I got to the party was go up to the DJ booth, I mean hello, it’s not everyday you get to do this. I took my chance and took a selfie with DJ DSD, he was so nice and his mixes were on point! Like I said before, the music NEVER disappoints and this year really was no exception.

There were so many people at the party it was unbelievable, I bumped into all my old friends, some who I hadn’t seen in years! (Told you it was THE place to have a reunion). The VIP area was so pretty, it was less hectic so it was mostly for socialising. I basically room-hopped till I found my favourite room and it was definitely the main dance floor. The lighting and the music was amazing the whole night. Once it struck 12, there was confetti everywhere, I’m pretty sure a countdown was done too- PERFECT way to start the New Year!

That’s how my night went on, plenty of dancing and lots of fun. Saw all my friends, saw new and old faces and definitely had an amazing time.

P.s. I’m sorry if you guys didn’t find love in the club (as my previous post had suggested you might xD) but there’s always next time! 😀

Once again, HAPPY NEPALI NEW YEAR 2072 and thank youuu to the Signaturee Crew for giving me this opportunity 😀

Also if you want to see more pictures of the night, follow this link here  and here’s a video from the night just incase anyone wants to relive the moments!


p.p.s Everyone looked so amazing (heart eye emoticon). Nepali girls are wooooow beautiful!

Photography Credit: Hemant Pun and Yuva Vibes; Video Credit: Digital Generation

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