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Scarabeo Camp #Marrabouts

Continuing on with my glamping post.

The following day we woke up for the sunrise. We thought the sunrise was at 5am so we set our alarms and went to sleep. Little did we know the sun rose at 7am and everyone around us heard our alarm go off at 5am. They probably weren’t very pleased with that.

Anyways.. the sunrise was stunning and it definitely started our day well. It was even more peaceful in the morning and the crisp morning air felt so refreshing. After that we had a mini photoshoot then breakfast at 8.

Scarabeo Camp is named after a bug (seen in the last pic). This bug is EVERYWHERE, literally all over the camp. Thankfully it doesn’t bite and is a “peaceful” bug. We glamped for one night at Scarabeo and that cost approx. £114 including transfer both ways, dinner + breakfast and camel riding. It was a pretty good deal. They have so many more activities including quad bikes, yoga, city tours etc, so you won’t be bored during your stay.

Being in the desert was so much fun and it’s definitely something I’ll do again, maybe next time I’ll take a significant other 😛

Till my next stop xx

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