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Rome’in Around: Vatican Museum


It was 16Euros for the entrance, totally worth it.
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As first-timers and someone who didn’t really research it beforehand, we were slightly bewildered by the long queues.

The Vatican museum houses an immense collection of paintings and sculptures built up by the Popes throughout the centuries. It’s one of the most visited art galleries in the world. The Sistine chapel is also inside the Vatican museum.

When you first enter the museum, there are two routes you can take, we decided on the Sistine Chapel route. Just as a warning, the museum is so big it takes over an hour to just see one side, so wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking A LOT. Needless to say, the walking is worth it because you get to witness amazing art, most of which are hundreds of years old and created by the most notable painters in the world.

 If you’re planning on visiting then it may be better to buy a ticket online before arriving because you will have priority entry, or you can do what a woman did and just cut the line. Also DO NOT listen to the people selling tours! They inflate the prices by 50-100%, it’s beyond ridiculous and they feed you so many lies.  We got to the museum around 12pm and this was the peak time, when we left the museum, around 2pm, there were no queues hence it may be better to go there a bit late!

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