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Rome’in Around: St Peter’s Basilica


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These steps were hellish
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Those ant-like things are PEOPLE. That’s how high we were.

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Felt like a rebel with my “om”
11391493_848305015247458_805866194285311525_n 11391444_848305085247451_3980758729098520532_n SAM_4083look how tiny Richa is!!!


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St Peter’s Basilica is apparently one of the holiest and greatest church in the Christian world. It is the place where St Peter was buried (hence the name) as well as the first Pope and Bishop of Rome. It is known as one of the greatest architectures in the world and one of the four churches in Rome that holds the rank of a “major basilica”. It’s not hard to see why it holds so much significance. When you first look at the Basilica it doesn’t seem so big, but as you get closer to it, you can feel yourself shrinking in comparison. NOT KIDDING.

When we first entered the vicinity of the church, everything was so overwhelming. There were huge crowds everywhere and tour guides selling you tours and screaming at you from every angle. DO NOT BUY THOSE TOURS, they told us it would cost us 16Euros to just QUEUE, when it fact it was COMPLETELY FREE! They were trying to sell us a 40Euro tour (Sistine+Basilica) when it cost us 23! -_-

We got to Vatican City around 10am which was still quite late, but thank god the line wasn’t huge! We met a nice German couple in the queue and the line moved pretty quickly so it was all good. The security is pretty strict (as you expect) and you have to make sure to cover yourself (shoulders, knees and chest) otherwise you won’t be allowed in, so make sure to have a scarf or jumper at the ready.

We wanted to see the Sistine chapel before the dome, but since we didn’t really know where we were going we just followed a sign that said “chapel” and somehow ended up walking to the top of the dome! We were literally at the top. It took forever to get there and the stairs were insane, the signs said 347 “steps” but it was more like 347 FLOORS!!!! The stairs were steep and slanted, walls were narrow, and overall VERY claustrophobic BUT the view from the top is amazing. You get to see Rome from a bird’s eye view and you really appreciate the height and size of the Basilica.  It is definitely worth it! Plus if you pay 7Euros you get to take the lift….but you still have to walk the 347”steps”. It’s totally worth it though.

The way down is much easier and you get to walk on the roof! The statues on the roof are so cool, they’re kind of like your own personal guards. The heat was insane but it was beautiful. Of course, we couldn’t go to such an amazing place without having a few vain moments! (heh-heh)



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