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Rome’in Around: Colosseum II

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Our last day in Rome was spent visiting the Colosseum. It was stunning, just beyond beautiful especially during twilight. We really just wanted to relax and spend our last day in Rome taking in the beauty.

We went to a nearby restaurant for some drinks and tapas and the view was AMAZING. You get a clear view of the Colosseum and you just feel so cool and amazing about yourself (well I did). I was so happy at that moment, I don’t know why but the environment was just perfect. The restaurant was a bit pricey, but it was expected since we were basically eating inside of the Colosseum. The drinks are worth every penny though- especially the strawberry mojito.

We wanted to end our evening with an authentic Italian meal. Our host told us about a small family owned restaurant that served delicious Italian food so we went to check them out. GOOD LORD THE FOOD WAS AMAZING. I cannot stress enough how AMAZINGLY DELICOUS the food was! It was by far the most delicious meal we’d had in Rome. The menu was written on a mirror in Italian so the owner was nice enough to translate for us; they served dishes such as pasta, pizza, seafood and tongue. We opted for the seafood options and OHMYJESUS they were delicious. The calamari though-UGH-it was on a whole different level! I can still smell and taste it and I really really want to go back to Rome just for the calamari. It was beyond perfect. I am salivating and crying as I write this. The food was so good I wrote my very first tripadvisor review.

The restaurant is called “Domenico dal 1968” and it’s located in Via Satrico. You will thank me for sending you here, TRUST ME.

This brings me to the end of my magical 3 day stay in Rome. It was seriously one of the best holidays I’ve been on. The food was great, people were great and sights were AMAZING. I cannot wait to go back and eat more food!!

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