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Rome’in Around: Capitoline Hill & Piazza Venezia

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So Richa and I did a lot of “accidental” sightseeing, and by that I mean, we would literally stumble upon historical and tourist attractions at every corner. We had an itinerary of places we wanted to see but we managed to see more than expected, which was obviously great! This is what I loved about Rome, every corner and every tiny alley had some kind of history or special meaning and it was amazing.

Piazza Venezia was one of the attractions we accidently stumbled upon. It wasn’t exactly hard to miss. It was absolutely beautiful and HUGE. Imagine the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London; the Piazza Venezia was DOUBLE that. It was a museum and a tomb for an unnamed soldier whom the Italians respect, a LOT. It is also a central hub of Rome. Richa and I called the piazza the “beep beep” square because the only thing we could hear was the sound of the Italian guards blowing their whistles. This was because, you are not allowed to stand around on the steps, eat/drink around the area, take “inappropriate” photos or be disrespectful in any way or another towards the tomb. There was a lady who was taking a photo with her arms wide open and the guard went crazy. He shouted at her for being disrespect and told her to pose with her hands by her sides.

I know there’s a random picture of a seagull, but it’s only because it became quite a celebrity amongst the tourists so I had to take a picture of it too! The seagull was posing for the camera and was photobombing this couple so it garnered quite the reputation.

The Capitoline hill is one of the seven hills of Rome, I’m not going to lie walking up the hill in 31 degrees Celsius heat was NOT FUN.  The piazza houses museums, which were previously palaces and the entire area was designed by Michelangelo.The statue we took a picture in front of is the Replica of the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius.

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