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Rome’in Around: Bocca della Verita


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Largo di Torre Argentina where researchers believe Julius Caesar was murdered.SAM_4298 SAM_4299

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The walk to Bocca della Verita was really pretty, we had to go through a lot of little alleyways and it made me feel like I was really getting to know the real Rome. There were quaint little shops and cafes on every corner and SO MANY BAKERIES!!

Remember when I said, we always stumbled across something historic? This time we managed to come across the site where Julius Caesar was supposedly stabbed! Once again, we were completely clueless when we were taking pictures of it.  It was when I came home and watched a documentary on Rome, I realised how significant that site was. Ah Rome, so full of history.

Bocca della Verita is located in the portico of the church of Santa Monica. It is also known as “the mouth of truth”. It was believed that if you put your hand in the mouth and told a lie, your hand would be bitten off; it was basically an ancient lie detector- a very extreme one. I read about it online so I really wanted to go and tell a lie whilst my hand was in the mouth. Sadly, when we got there, the queue was long so we were only allowed to take one picture per person and everyone was hurried along. We managed to take more than one picture, but I didn’t get to tell a lie!!!! I also found out, from my post-Rome documentary watching, that the “mouth of truth” may have been a man-hole cover! So I basically put my hand inside something that was used to cover sewage, GREAT.

Afterwards we went for lunch at a place called “0.75”, sadly there weren’t any “authentic” Italian restaurants and we were too hungry to look for anything else. We gave the restaurant 3/5, the coffee was really good there, everything else was okay.

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