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Prague Diaries V

DSCN7132 DSCN7135

strawberry cheesecake icecream and Prague castle- perfect!
DSCN7144 DSCN7149

I was slightly creeped out by these giant babiesDSCN7152

finally found the wall!!!DSCN7153 DSCN7154 DSCN7157 DSCN7161 DSCN7163 DSCN7167 DSCN7174 DSCN7175

I want my future house to look something like this- love the architecture in PragueDSCN7180

typical Czech food stand with HUGE sausages DSCN7182

fried cheese burger, only recommended if you enjoy fried fat. DSCN7183

made a new friendDSCN7184

casually sitting in the middle of the road
DSCN7188 DSCN7193 DSCN7196

We spent our last day in Prague doing whatever we liked.

I, being the pseudo hipster that I am, decided to “get lost” in the city and “find myself”. I give myself some credit because I did manage to discover new places I hadn’t visited with the girls! My first task was to find the damned Lennon Wall that I’d been searching since day 1. After countless wrong turns and wrong directions, I finally found Mr Lennon after letting myself “get lost”. It was so well hidden, behind a row of houses and a pub called “John Lennon” (-_-). When I found the wall I was slightly confused because I’d walked past countless walls covered with graffiti, but then I saw a bunch of tourists taking pictures and a huge spray painting of John Lennon. It felt like I’d accomplished something great when I found the wall!

After meeting John Lennon, I walked back to the square and ventured to the southern part of Wenceslas square. Along the way I stopped for a quick lunch- I had a fried cheese burger. It was literally a fired block of cheese between two pieces of bread and ketchup. The first few bites were nice but then after I felt like puking seeing as though I was eating fried fat and carbs.

I spent the most part of my day walking around the city and taking everything in before I had to go back to the hotel to catch our ride back to the airport. It felt so peaceful to just stop and stare at the busy city (stop and staaaareee, you think youre moving but youre going nowhereeeeee- perfect song :P).

To conclude my time in Prague, I can honestly say Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to, it’s so full of history yet still manages to keep up with modern times.

Thank you Prague for being so great 😀



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