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Prague Diaries part II

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After lunch we made our way to Prague castle. It was such a hot day that by the time we reached the castle all of my makeup had melted πŸ™ But no complaints because the view there was AMAZING. Prague castle and its surrounding areas are absolutely beautiful, it’s filled with so much history and it just makes you wonder how they managed to build such amazing structures- with the most intricate and beautiful details- when they had less than half of the technological innovation we have today!! But anyways, after the castle- and a 1000 selfies later-we decided to climb 287 steps to get a better view of Prague!

Climbing up a narrow-spiral staircase was definitely NOT the highlight of the day, but it was worth it. The view was breathtaking. Once on top you get a 360 of Prague and see all the different sides to the city. I adore the red roofs of Prague- I don’t know why and we got a really good view of the Royal Palace and the river. Climbing down is seriously the worst part though, it felt like I was going to stumble down any second and my hands were getting all sweaty and knees all wobbly- don’t want to discourage anyone from climbing because it is honestly beautiful and worth the hike πŸ˜›

After the castle we ended up walking back to the town square, on the way we passed a canal that had a mini love-lock bridge! It’s the same concept as the love-lock bridge in Paris except much smaller. Some of the messages on the locks were adorable! I hope I can go back one day and put a lock on the bridge as well πŸ˜›

Later on, we met with people riding on segways in Old town. They were actually offering tours but they let people ride on it for free. It was fun but scary- the dang thing is so confusing to control and I nearly crashed into some poor old tourists!!

Phoo so that concludes day 1! Day 2 is coming shortly! πŸ˜€


Outfit details:

Skirt- Sheinside, Top- Missguided, Shoes- Primark


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