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Prague Diaries IV

DSCN7083om nom nom, missed breakfast so had to hit the local fruit market xD DSCN7086this pear was ridiculously big! took me 20mins to finish

DSCN7089hi we are humpty and dumpty

DSCN7091 DSCN7097beautiful buildings like this is everywhere in Prague

DSCN7100apparently one of the biggest malls in Praha!

DSCN7102cool-ass medieval themed restaurant

DSCN7107Grilled salmon salad- delish!


GIANT ASS pork knuckle!DSCN7109excuse the nails, but look how huge the portion is :O


casually eating a dinosaur..




apparently it was yummy!


couldnt resist a photo



bricks of fame DSCN7121

couldnt resist- we had to leave our mark!DSCN7123

pretty little brick- need a few thousand of this and I can build my mansion 😛DSCN7125


excuse the rough photo.. but looook!! We left our mark and it was all for a good cause as well 😀DSCN7128


Day 3 in Pragueee!

We spent Day 3 going around Jewish town- unfortunately there isn’t many photos from there because I was slightly lazy taking pictures..oh well. I can tell you it’s very similar to the other areas of Prague just with a few more synagogues! There were also quite a few designer shops just hiding around the corners.

We went to a mirror maze which was not what we expected, it was quite fun but kinda creepy when you can see the other person but have no clue where they are. It’s giving me the creeps just thinking about it cus I keep imagining I’m in a horror film. Imagine if a killer was chasing you and you could see his reflection but didn’t know where he was and one wrong turn and could lead you right in front of him.. omg Im gonna stop now. There was a Kaleidoscope cinema as well, it was a bit crap- slightly hypnotic- but crap.

 We decided to eat at a medieval themed restaurant, the interior was very fitting to the theme! Slightly creepy as there were dead animals hanging on walls but I guess that’s the theme they were going for.The food was good though, especially the portions! My god, the pork knuckle was HUGE! surprised that pigs even get that big.

On our way back to the hotel we walked past a stall that was offering people the chance to “buy” and decorate a brick for charity. It took a while to decide what we wanted to paint but in the end we settled for “8 Cole house” and it turned out super girly! completely not what we were aiming for but it seems we all just hovered to the “girly” colours 😛 But it’s a pleasure to say we left our mark in Prague and gave to charity at the same time!

so that concludes day 3 in Prague 🙂

Now just one more day to go!


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