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I had a eureka moment at Yorica– I like vegan ice cream

A friend of mine suggested we go to Yorica for some dairy-free desserts and it was honestly delicious. There were so many flavours to choose from and you could choose from 3 types of desserts: ice-cream, fro-yo and shakes.

I tried every flavour they had to offer from mango to moringa and no-nut peanut butter. I LOVED the mango it tasted exactly like how mango should taste- creamy and sweet and delicious. I wasn’t a very big fan of the no-nut peanut butter though. There’s the cutest swing in the shop so obviously I had my vain moments there. The shop itself is really cute, they have really cool posters in the shop and the decor is really pretty. The only thing is, the actual ice cream station is right at the back of the shop so it’s shielded from the customers, especially ones who are walking by on the street. There was a really sweet blonde lady who gave us really great customer service but the dark haired girl was so rude and disrespectful- not sure why she’s working in customer service. Anyways moving on.

I ordered a mini mango and pear & chocolate icecream and my friend got matcha and vanilla fro-yo with vegan brownies whilst my other girlfriend got a mini mango and peach ice cream.

Mini ice cream (2 scoops) £3.20

Fro-yo starting from £2.95


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