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I went there with my friend because we needed some serious sugar lifting but I was so so so disappointed!

I opted for the Ferrero Rocher sundae and she went for the chocolate brownie sundae. It promised us delicious layers of thick chocolate sauce with premium vanilla icecream and cream on top. I mean we got that, except there was barely any chocolate sauce on it, the ice cream tasted meh and there was nothing special about the sundae! I was so disappointed!!! I was hoping for something, maybe some ferrero mixed with the icecream or more chocolate sauce- just anything to spice up the sundae but nada 🙁

The good thing about Tinseltown is that it’s open till 4am so all the drunk party people can come and enjoy some warm food. Maybe that’s why some of my friends loved it so much- they all went there after a party so they gave me a drunk review!! Never trust a drunk person’s review of food.

Sad to say, I won’t go back to Tinseltown for dessert- I’ll stick to my matcha dessert and peanut butter milkshake from shakeshack- absolutely divine by the way!!

Anyways, that’s for another post.

All Sundaes- £4.99


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