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Shoryu Ramen is amazing.

Before visiting, I had my doubts about the restaurant. I thought paying £10+ for ramen was ridiculous but this one was so worth it. I ordered the White Natural ramen and for dessert: matcha ice cream and strawberry cake.

So how was the food?

It was amazing. The white natural ramen is made with soy milk, miso, konbu and shiitake broth. Although it sounds strange, the broth was heavenly, it was rich yet light and packed with flavour. The soy milk gave it a creamy taste whilst the miso and shiitake broth helped to tone down the sweetness and bring out the earthy savouriness. The noodles were made al dente which gave it a little bite. The noodles were lightly seasoned and was delicious by itself. However, together it was heavenly. Kudos Shoryu!

The dessert was just as amazing. The matcha ice cream was creamy and not-too-sweet so it complemented the sweet strawberry cake wonderfully. The cake itself was chiffon so it was light and fluffy with a wonderful strawberry flavour- it didn’t taste artificial which was the best part. I adore Asian chiffon cake, they are wonderfully light and makes you feel a little less guilty about eating an entire cake.

Shoryu is highly recommended and I really hope you try the White Natural ramen because it will blow your mind.

Till my next eat x

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