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Bingsu is off my food bucket list!

I’ve been wanting to try bingsu for the longest time ever. I first heard about it when watching Korean TV shows and it looked beyond amazing. They would have bowls bigger than my head, filled with shaved ice, matcha, fresh fruit and red beans. It looked so delicious, I was ready to fly to Seoul just to try this dessert (and to stalk Big Bang but shh).

Bingsu is a dessert made out of shaved milk ice and topped with a topping of your choice and condensed milk. It’s really popular in Asian countries and makes for the perfect dessert. It doesn’t taste heavy like cake or ice cream- so it’s nice to enjoy a refreshing and light dessert.

By God’s grace, I stumbled across a restaurant in China Town called “Shibuya” and the first thing I noticed were the huge posters of bingsu stuck on their window. I have never been so happy in my life. There was no way I wasn’t going to try it.

The restaurant itself is quite small- the top will probably fit around 12 people but there are more seating downstairs. It’s a nice place to just get dessert- they have an amazing selection of cakes too. But of course, their signature dish is the bingsu. We had to wait 15mins to get a table- which gave me time to pry around other people’s tables and stalk all the bingsu.

Once we got the menu, I went straight to the dessert section. They had 5 options for bingsu: Strawberry, Mango, Kiwi, Sweet Soybean and Matcha, which all came in small or regular sizes. We ordered mango and matcha bingsu in small but it was enormous! It was literally an Everest of a dessert, imagine how big the regular is. The matcha one looked so beautiful, a generous green sprinkling on top of a white snowy mountain topped with sweet redbeans. It doesn’t sound too great but the redbean made it taste soooo delicious. It offsets the sweetness and it adds a nice texture to the crunchy cold snow. You also get a side of condensed milk- pour that on top and you have the yummiest concoction.

Our second choice was the mango bingsoo- just as delicious. The fruit was fresh which was great and the dessert had layers of mango juice so it wasn’t just plain shaved ice all the time.

Since we’re a bunch of greedy people, we ordered a third one because we just couldn’t get enough. We opted for the sweet soybean and OH MY JESUS, it was the most delicious dessert I’ve tasted. It’s so unexpected but the sweet bean powder goes so well with the shaved ice and condensed milk, plus the redbean gives it a nice texture so everything together was magical. It wasn’t too sweet so even after finishing three massive desserts, it didn’t feel like we had three bowls of diabetes- which was nice.

Shibuya have a few branches around London but I think it’s only in the Soho branch where they serve Bingsu. It is also the only branch where you will find a bingsu server cuter and sweeter than the desserts themselves. Ladies he is EYE CANDY. I would also opt for the small, especially if it’s your first time trying it because it is PLENTY!

Bingsu 10/10 | Bingsu maker 200/10 😉

Mango, Matcha & Sweet Soybean Bingsu for small: £5.60-£5.90



  1. I was searching for a bingsu restaurant online and stumbled across your blog =) I love this place too and the Bingsu sis x

  2. I was searching for a bingsu restaurant online and stumbled across your blog =) I love this place too and the Bingsu x

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