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I’d heard a lot about this restaurant- mostly from my Indian friends who know I’m a vegetarian. After a crazy day at uni, my friends and I decided to go for a quick lunch at Sagar.

Their most famous dish (or as far as I’ve been told) is the Dosa. I find dosa okay- growing up I’ve not been the biggest fan of it but I’ve always enjoyed it- however contradicting that may sound!

Dosa is basically a giant savoury crepe that is served with coconut chutney and vegetable curry. You can either have plain dosa or stuffed dosa- commonly with potatoes and paneer. I personally, prefer the plain so I opted for that. Surprisingly, it tasted delicious. All three of our dosas came out at the same time and it was warm and crispy just how it should be. My favourite part of eating dosa is definitely the sides you get with it. I absolutely LOVE the coconut chutney, it’s really creamy, sweet and fresh- goes amazing with the savoury dosa. The veg curry is a lovely complement to the dosa with it’s tomato base and soft vegetables- proper Indian food!

When I said “quick lunch” I really meant it- it took us 30 minutes- from getting to the restaurant, ordering, eating and paying. We managed to avoid the lunch hour rush so that probably helped with the speed.

Overall,  it was a satisfying lunch, you might still be a bit hungry afterwards but it was satisfying. I just wish their sides were bigger!

Plain dosa: ~£6

Stuffed dosa: ~£7 upwards


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