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After hearing so many amazing reviews, I finally got to visit the famous Roti King.

A short 2-minute walk away from the station, this little place is quite literally a hole in the wall but the food is amazing. Once we were seated we ordered immediately(we’d been queuing for over an hour!!) we got roti with dahl & fish curry, morning glory, nasi lemak and two cold milos- took me straight back to my childhood.

So how was the food??

My favourite dish was the signature Roti King roti, even by itself it was flavourful, fluffy and flaky, the dahl went wonderfully with it. The morning glory was delicious but it would’ve been better with a little less shrimp paste. The nasi lemak was served with rice, fried chicken, curry, fried anchovies and an egg. The anchovies weren’t as crunchy as I would’ve liked but the curry was delicious with the rice. I highly recommend the Roti with dahl, it’s amazing and you’ll understand why it’s the most ordered dish! Our entire meal came to less than ¬£30 for two, including drinks & tips.

One con about the restaurant is that it’s super small and staff are too friendly. It sounds strange but they should enforce a time limit, especially when there’s a 1.5hr long queue. There was a group that just wouldn’t leave, they’d finished their food yet they didn’t give up their table. How rude.

Overall, Roti King is highly recommended!

Till my next eat x

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