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I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Korean food, I crave it really badly and then I’m always disappointed 🙁

This time I ventured to Po Cha in Waterloo for dinner and it wasn’t bad at all! I opted for the bibimbap and rice cake- both were delicious. I chose the seafood bibimbap with squid and prawns but there was too much squid and not enough prawns. Other than that, the stone bowls came in sizzling so the rice was warm and delicious. You get Korean chilli sauce on the side and it’s a game changer, without it, the dish wouldn’t taste the same. I’ve now learnt to accept that the Korean rice cake dish, tokpokki, is sweet. Every restaurant I’ve been to has always had sweet rice cake, and it always disappointed me but Po Cha definitely had the better rice cake.

I can honestly say, this is one of the few Korean restaurants that I actually enjoyed. The restaurant itself is quite small but Po Cha is highly recommended! It’s on Lower Marsh, behind Waterloo station.

Po Cha dishes:

Bibimbap £7.90 – 8/10

Rice Cake: £6 – 6/10


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