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Little Japan, South Kensington | Review

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Little Japan is located right next to South Kensington tube station, and is a small Japanese restaurant.

I went there as a pre-show meal as Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisines hence I was expecting a lot. I ordered the salmon teriyaki bento box, which came with salmon, rice, seaweed, pickled radish and some salad.

So how was the food?

As an avid lover of Eat Tokyo bento boxes, I had very high expectations, sadly this did not meet mine. The rice was stale which made the entire meal taste bland. The teriyaki sauce was very salty, plus it was runnier than I expected. The best part of the meal was the salad. Overall, although it was a quick, cheap meal before a show, it didn’t taste very good. The menu wasn’t very Japanese, it was more Chinese.. a bit confusing considering the name of the restaurant.

Little Japan is small restaurant and if you want something quick and cheap then you might want to check it out. However if you’re looking for delicious close-to-authentic Japanese food, Little Japan is not the place for you.

On another note, I went to watch Space spectacular and it was spectacular! The orchestra played famous songs from movies and the most loved was (obviously) Star Wars. They brought out storm troopers, Darth Vader and had light shows depicting shooting stars. The entire show was beautifully executed. Definitely a must watch.

Till my next eat x

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