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The selection of desserts were amazing. They were all made to perfection.

I’m not a big fan of desserts so I never really go out of my way to look for amazing dessert places. But then I saw a video on Facebook about frozen S’mores and I was way too intrigued to let it go. After the video I went searching for a Dominique Ansel bakery and was happily surprised to learn there was one near me!

So for our Friday night meet-up, I called my girls to the Dominique Ansel bakery and we were so pleasantly surprised with the selection of desserts & savoury foods. Everything looked amazing.

We ordered frozen S’mores (obviously), a Welsh Rarebit croissant (savoury & cheesy) and a rich chocolate cake. My friend also got an oxtail soup but she finished it before I could take a pic -_-

The S’mores tasted amazing. Despite being frozen, the marshmallow was still gooey & warm and the outside was crunchy. It was worth the hype. The Welsh Rarebit was definitely something different, the cheese was dense & rich and went really well with the mustard. In just one bite, there was so much flavour- delicious. The chocolate cake was also very rich, they used really good quality cocoa, so unlike the usual milk-choc flavour, it had a slightly bitter flavour (only slightly) from the cocoa. Overall, the foods were delicious. It was filling & definitely worth the try.

Dominique Ansel was worth the visit & I’ll definitely be going back, especially  now I found out he’s the creator of the CRONUT!!!!! I did not know this when I went and that was the one thing I didn’t try (so much sadness) but I’ll definitely be going back.. keep an eye out for a cronut update.

Till my next eat xx


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