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Despite living close to this wonderful restaurant, it wasn’t until recently I decided to go for lunch. Cubana is a south american restaurant and they are apparently the home of mojitos! I absolutely love mojitos, it’s probably my favourite drink. Sadly, I didn’t have a glass- which is a bit crazy since I was at the home of mojitos but it’s exam period and I don’t want to drink till after exams.

The restaurant itself is situated right in the heart of Waterloo and you won’t miss it! There’s a giant painting of a dancing Latina woman (who’s actually quite sexy) so even if you aren’t there for the restaurant, you’ll definitely stop to admire the art. The whole vicinity around Cubana feels exotic, at night time it feels as though you’re in a different country and it just feels so romantic and as if you’ve escaped the hectiness of London- time just stops for a moment.

Seatings are aplenty but we decided to sit outdoors because it was such a beautiful day. The outside it barred with a straw type fence so it feels like you’re in a beach shack (if you ignore the busy London streets and red buses XD). There’s something very romantic about sitting outside and enjoying a meal whilst you talk and people watch. My friend and I had so much fun just people watching, we had a theory going that it was because of us so many people were coming into Cubana, it was more entertaining that you would believe.

Since I am a vegetarian, I opted for the vege option (obviously) and it was surprisingly really delicious. My expectations weren’t high, in fact I had no expectations at all. When the food came out, it looked beautiful. The presentation was great and what was even better was that the food came out hot. This is the perfect temperature. The beans feijoada was delicious- it was so heartwarming and flavoured so wonderfully. It was packed with redbeans, sweet potatoes and lots of yummy veggies- it tasted homecooked which is always a plus. The rice was oh my god delicious. I could’ve eaten that chilli rice by itself all day! The flavours were wonderful, it was perfectly salted and there was hints of chilli which gave it just a kick and it was just really really delicious. There was also a side of plantains, it was actually my first time trying it so I did not know what to expect! It was quite sweet- very similar to a banana except it was warm and slightly toasty. I’m not sure if I like plantains, I love bananas but I’m not so keen on plantains.. is that weird?

Overall, Cubana is definitely a place I would recommend. They also so lunch time deals so it’s definitely worth visiting.

Feijoada de Vegetales- £8 or £10 with a side (lunch time offer)


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