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Pani Puri

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Veg Momo

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It has been a while since I’ve been to Camden and I forgot how much fun it can be.

I met my friends at the Camden food market for a much needed catch-up and Nepali food. We walked through the array of food stalls from all different parts of the world and finally found our beloved Nepali food stall called Chautari.

We ordered the pani puri and momo which are two of the most popular street foods in Nepal. Pani puri is a fried puri filled with potatoes which you then fill with savoury water. Momos are Nepalese dumplings which you can fill with vegetables or any meat filling of your choice and it’s served with tomato aachar (spicy Nepali sauce). It was sooo good! The pani puri could have been flavoured better but the momo and aachar was delicious.

Camden food market has some of the most amazing food stalls, there are foods from all over the world. Other than the Nepali food stall, I LOVE the Mexican food stall- they have the best burritos.

I would highly recommend everyone go and try Nepalese food, they have street food and other main meals such as rice, dahl and curry.

Veg Momo: £3/ £5  (5pcs/ 10pcs)

Pani Puri: £3 (9pcs)


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