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Gelato heaveeennnn!

Everytime I think gelato, my mind, spirit, senses (and if only my body) all go back to Rome and the amazing gelatos I had there. Thankfully, London has a  great substitute in the name of Amorino!

This little gem was introduced to me by a friend and I love going and trying out all their fun and equally delicious flavours. They have so many amazing flavours to choose from: all types of chocolates, fruits, nuts and even yoghurt! The best thing about Amorino is that you can choose as many flavours as you can possibly want in one ice cream cone. You have a choice between small, medium and large and endless flavours!

I always start with my favourite- pistachio. I then build my cone around that delicious creamy flavour. My go-to flavours are: vanilla, hazelnut, butterscotch, mango and coconut. This time I dared to be a little adventurous and tried mandarin and it was so good! The lady over the counter told me it was their flavour of the season and she wasn’t wrong! It tasted exactly like mandarins, so fresh and sweet. It really was perfect.

The cute thing about Amorino, they shape your ice cream into a rose and it looks so pretty. Me being OCD try to make sure the flavours go in the right order so the flower looks good.

So gents, if you’re ever stuck on what flower to get me, this should be your first choice (please bear in the mind the flavours and the order you ask them in :P) Kidding….. XD

Small cone: £3.50


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