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Laser Hair Removal at Pulse Laser Clinic

From a young age I’ve always been very self conscious about my sideburns. They’ve made me feel less feminine and I hated putting my hair up because of it.

During my teenage years I started noticing other girls’ sideburns and how it didn’t exist!! I was teased about my sideburns when I was in school and it made my insecurity even worse. My mum would (and still does) try to comfort me by saying how common it was and showing me pictures of actresses who had sideburns, bless her. In uni, my friends would tell me that it really helped to frame my face and it made me who I am and that no one notices it so I shouldn’t worry about it. But I couldn’t forget about it, I felt so self conscious about it and I hated taking pictures with my hair up. It truly was my no 1 insecurity.

This pic is when I was 15, you can see how thick my sideburns are (ugh)311469_2034628502251_839583544_n

I tried every method I could think of: waxing, hair removal, threading, cutting off the side burns and even shaving. All of the methods were okay for a few days and then the hair grew back thicker and it became so hard maintain. It wasn’t until my final year in uni when a friend of mine told me about laser hair removal. I was very skeptical about the procedure, it felt almost dangerous to inject laser rays into my face. But seeing her results really convinced me to try.

So I booked a consultation with “Pulse laser clinic” in Bond Street. They were so friendly and so clean (very important!). The therapist went over the procedure of the laser hair removal treatment and did a patch test to make sure I wasn’t allergic. It was a really helpful session and it gave me more insight about what the treatment would entail and what I could expect.

My first session was so daunting, she shaved my sideburns, applied gel to the area to be treated and put the cold laser rod on the side of my face. The initial hit of the laser felt a bit odd, it felt like tiny needles were pricking me, it wasn’t painful it was just odd. I got used to the sensation very quickly though.The therapist was very good! She would talk to me throughout the session to make sure I was comfortable. She stopped anytime the laser got too hot or if I didn’t feel comfortable. She truly made each session less daunting.

I was recommended 6 sessions and a gap of 4 weeks between each session to let the hair grow so the laser treatment would be effective in killing the roots of the hair. I was also advised to avoid too much sun exposure and to not pluck the area. If I saw hair grow in the area, I could simply exfoliate the area and the hair would just fall off!

The total cost was £300 and it was worth EVERY PENNY! The feeling of being sideburn free is truly priceless. Pulse laser clinic were amazing and I would highly recommend them!

This was the before and after, from my first session. You can see how well the laser worked and how clean the area is!


A week after my first session:


After my third treatment:


4 weeks after my 5th session! (I went on holiday so they told me wait until 3 weeks after my holiday before coming in for my last session due to my tan)


A month after my final treatment:


I am BEYOND pleased with the results and now I’m so happy to flaunt my side profile. I always ask my friends to touch the area to show them how smooth it is 😛 My mother also loves my new look hehe


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