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I’m no diet or fitness guru but I’m slightly proud of my improving physique, so I thought I would share my “secret” xD

I have never been the best at keeping up with my fitness, I’m so bad that my friends have to drag me to the gym. I also hate running. The only time I used to love being active was when I played netball in school. PE and netball were the only two things that allowed me to stay active.

Since going to uni, I have been to the gym exactly 5 times in the past 2 years. It’s bad I know, but just because I don’t gym doesn’t mean I slack off! I keep up with my fitness by walking and dancing. Yep those two are my “staying active secrets”. I walk to and fro uni everyday, which in total is around 40 minutes per day. On top of that, before going to bed I put on a dance playlist and “dance” (jump about) in my room for 10-15mins and then do a bit of stretching so my muscles are relaxed when I get to bed. Exercise doesn’t have to be monotonous and expensive, it can be fun and FREE!

Obviously staying fit isn’t all about just exercising, you have to watch your diet as well. Moving away from home has really given me the freedom to control my diet and even though I can be lazy sometimes, it’s been the best for my fitness. I don’t really stop myself from eating anything, I tend to eat whatever I like and whenever I like, I just do it in moderation. One thing I have cut down on is oil. I noticed after cutting down on oil, my health improved significantly. Being a student, I don’t have looooads to spend on expensive healthy stuff, but I try to incorporate as much fruit and veg as possible.I am ADDICTED to kale and hummus. Seriously raw kale is probably my favourite thing xD

One thing that I swear by is GREEN TEA. My favourite beverage of ALL TIME! I drink around 2-3 cups a day and I LOVE IT. It’s really helped me to control my weight and it’s so good for you. Every time I feel bloated or fat, I drink a cup of green tea and I instantly feel better. It’s the first and last thing I drink in my day. Of course, you shouldn’t replace water with green tea, it may be good for you but too much of anything is never a good idea!

So to conclude, my fitness consists of: walking, dancing, eating a balanced and healthy meal, GREEN TEA and LOTS of water! 😀

Here’s to a fabulously fit 2015!


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