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Ibiza Day 4

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Day 4 in Ibiza aka our last day 🙁

Since it was our last day we decided to do everything we said we wanted to do, so the first thing we did was eat paella. I’d been wanting to eat authentic Spanish paella for ages and when I finally got the chance I wasn’t disappointed! We had fresh seafood at the side as well and OMG it was HEAVEN!!!

Afterwards we went PARASAILING and it was awesome! I was expecting it to be more scary and thrilling but it was actually pretty slow, but definitely relaxing. Plus the view from the top was amazing and it was so peaceful, we were alone with our thoughts and a go-pro. We really got to see a panaroma of Ibiza. I actually uploaded a video on YT so check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJhoIyiseKs

To end our perfect day, there was a concert happening at our hotel and it was THE VACCINES! I was never a fan of theirs but seeing them live changed that completely! They were SO good. Their vocals were amazing and the atmosphere was amazing, the whole thing was amazing. Here’s a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTBTVxI1LPs

Ahh that really was the perfect way to end our Summer in Ibiza 🙂

So this concludes my Ibiza post! Seeeeee you sooon


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