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Ibiza Day 3

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Day 3 in Ibiza was AMAZING.

We had tickets to a boat party and to an after party. There were so many people on the boat and the party was so over subscribed they had to get an extra boat. Once we got on the boat they gave our free sangrias and off we went. The whole party was for 1.5hrs so PLENTY of time to enjoy the view and dance around. After we got far enough away from the shore the party really started.

The DJ played so many good songs, there was even a mashup of Lion King and Niggas in Paris!! It was seriously the best. The views from the boat were something else, the seas were deep blue and perfectly clear. It was also the hottest day of the week so it couldn’t have been better!

After the boat party we hung around the beach for a while and just relaxed. The after party was at the most beautiful club I have ever seen. The insides were so pretty, sadly I couldn’t take pictures but it was all white with drapey curtains and it was just beautiful- something out of a fairytale.

I actually made a video of the boat party, it’s my most viewed video so here it is:

the boat party is HIGHLY recommended!

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