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Ibiza Day 1

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Flashback to my 2013 summer vacation to Ibiza and what an adventure it was.

First day in the sunny island was spent just exploring the area and getting to know the place, the beach was really close to us which was perfect! Our hotel was quite central so we were close to all the nightlife, restaurants and grocery shops so it was really convenient.

We were staying at the Ibiza Rocks hotel so we had free passes to the all the big nightclubs which was pretty good since club entrances were around 40 euros!!! But for the first night we decided to just chill and relax since we’d arrived in Ibiza around 2am and couldn’t check into our rooms till 8am -_- that sucked big time. Oh well, the views and the weather made up for it.

The weather was amazing in Ibiza!!! It was warm and sunny, the skies and seas were crystal blue and it honestly felt like a summer paradise, on top of that all the buildings were pretty and white. It actually reminded me a lot of Kathmandu, the alleys and shops were so similar to KTM, it sometimes felt like I was back in Nepal. That didn’t last for long though, as soon as we got to the main strip, people were walking around in bikinis and speedos so I was instantly zapped back to Ibiza.

That concludes my first night in Ibizaaaaa.. Up next is- you guessed it- my 2nd day in Ibiza! lol


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