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So, welcome!

It’s quite daunting to launch a website, especially when you don’t know what to expect or how people will react. To be honest I wanted this website to share my ideas, style and just everyday things that might help make your life simpler!

Being a 19year old student, I know the ins and outs of being frugal, I mean hello, I’m at the peak of my poorness (or I hope so anyways..) and despite that, it is crucial for me to look good and eat well, I mean you have to be poor with style!

Living in London is one of the most amazing experiences ever, it’s such a beautiful city! I feel blessed to be able to study and live here and to explore the area and become a “Londoner”. Although I don’t think my smiling at strangers on the tube or bus is very “Londoner-ish” but nevertheless I’m learning and I hope I can show you a glimpse of what life is like as a student in London and how we cope with being in such a fabulous cosmopolitan city!



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