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Gunyo Cholo

The Gunyo Cholo ceremony is a traditional Nepalese ritual to celebrate the coming of age of a young girl. The girl is gifted with the traditional outfit of ‘Gunyo Cholo’ (hence the name of ceremony), which consists of a cotton skirt and blouse, the traditional outfit worn in Nepal. Sometimes a sari is also gifted, to signify her “entrance” into womanhood. To celebrate this occasion family and friends gather together to bless the young woman and the night is filled with LOTS of food and dancing.

The pictures below are of my cousin and her gunyo cholo was held when she was 11 years old. It’s fair to say she enjoyed being celebrated, getting blessings, gifts, money and treated like royalty! IMG-20140322-04834 DSCN6439 photo 1 DSCN6448 DSCN6454 photo 3 DSCN6462


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