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Gellert Spa #HelloHungary

After our tiring hike up and down Citadella and walking for the entire day, we stopped by Gellert Spa. It felt like heaven dipping into the 36 degrees celsius pools after being in heeled boots all day.

gellert spa, belleamis

gellert spa, belleamis

The 40 degrees pool was boiling, but my body adjusted and it quickly became super relaxing and enjoyable. I miss it so much. The thermal pools are known to be healing and really good for those who have arthritis, joint pain and for relieving skin of certain afflictions.

gellert spa, belleamis

The swimming pool is absolutely glorious. It’s in the centre of the spa and is flanked by two thermal pools. However you’re only allowed to go in if you’re wearing a swimming cap.. no idea why.

gellert spa, belleamis

gellert spa ,belleamis

Like I said, there are several pools to choose from when you’re in Gellert Spa, the only issue is, it’s like a maze so make sure you have a map with you. I’m so glad I came here instead of Szechenyi baths as it wasn’t overcrowded and felt a lot cleaner!

If you want something more quiet and scenic I’d highly recommend Gellert Baths, you will not leave disappointed.

Till my next stop x

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