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I just came back from a weekend trip to Gdansk, Poland and it was so good! I went with a society from my uni called “Itchy Feet”, they’re a travelling society so I could rely on them to plan a fun trip. This trip was actually a secret, we only found out the destination at the airport. It was pretty awesome, I was so convinced we were going to either Bulgaria, Romania or Luxembourg, Poland didn’t even cross my mind!

We took a flight out to Gdansk, and got there pretty late, around 10pm. By the time we reached our hostel it was 1030-11pm. Our hostel was AMAZING, it was my first hostel experience and it really wasn’t too bad. Fresh bed sheets, fresh pillow cases, cloud like beds, breakfast in the morning, bean bags- it really was perfect.

The area we were staying in was really pretty, we were right in the central of the town so we were within walking distances of the main tourist attractions such as the golden gate, several museums and restaurants and the biggest brick church in the world.

We took a stroll around the area and stopped by a bar or two (oops). The drinks were so cheap!! But of course, this is not an excuse to go crazy drinking. I tried Polish beer for the first time and I can safely say, I still dislike beer. There was a bit of a mis-communication with my friend and the bartender because she managed to order 4 beers and 4 vodka shots, even though she asked for one drink… she definitely had a good night!

We ended our night at a club called Parliament, the music was really good so definitely recommend it. We got back to our hostel at 4am.. so we were pretty tired the next day… BUT STILL we only had 2 days in Gdansk so yolo. hah!

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