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Gdansk podróże V

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My last day in Gdansk was spent doing what I do best, EATING!

As I mentioned before, Gdansk is a seaside town so they have a LOT of fresh seafood (for which I am eternaly grateful) so we couldn’t leave without having some amazing seafood!

We stopped for lunch at a really nice riverside restaurant and truly indulged ourselves! I had lobster soup, halibut on a bed of Mediterranean style olives with lemon sauce. My friend had oysters and stuffed baby squids (yummm). It was seriously the best way to end our trip- such an amazing lunch with great company 😀

Since we had free time to do whatever we liked before leaving, I took a stroll around the city and along the “elite” lane of Gdansk. It was so beautiful, especially in twilight- ughh I miss Gdansk. This quaint little city resembles something out of a Harry Potter film!

I found some interesting things at the airport! One of them being a hairy bottle.. ahaha it really does resemble a bison lol. The plane ride wasn’t so pleasant though 🙁 Our flight was delayed because of the weather and there was so much turbulence during the flight, thank god we landed safely.

That’s the end of my trip! It was such a fun weekend- I went to the trip knowing absolutely no one and came out making 15 new friends! It was an adventure that I am so so soooo glad I took and is something I hope to do more of in the future. It was scary going to a trip with strangers but they were the loveliest & best strangers so I really am lucky and happy to have spent my weekend with them!

Till next time Poland


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