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Gdansk podróże IV

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For our second day in Gdansk, we visited Westerplatte.

Westerplatte was the location of the Polish Military Transit Depot. It’s famous for the battle of Westerplatte, where the first clash with Germany took place and thus the first battle of the European side in WWII.

The site was really beautiful, and the journey there was so eye opening. I had only seen the touristy side of Gdansk, with the pretty buildings and fancy restaurants, but when we took a bus out to Westerplatte we really saw how derelict some parts of Gdansk were. Some of the bus stops were so unusual, the bus would stop in the middle of the woods where there was nothing, literally nothing but miles and miles of bare trees. It was slightly spooky. Other than that, the memorial site was beautiful and the monument was HUGE! From afar it kind of looked like a face ahaa.

We got a really nice view of the Baltic sea from Westerplatte too, it was a VERY cold day so it wasn’t the ideal weather to visit the sea in but it was still pretty. Very calming.

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