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Square Meal

2015-02-02 21.00.46
Classic Veggie burger- large

2015-02-02 21.02.42
om nom nom
2015-02-02 21.02.47-2
Sweeeeeeet potato fries
2015-02-02 20.59.25
The Mighty
2015-02-02 21.03.31
so attractive

2015-02-02 21.03.32

This was actually my first time in GBK and it was good. To be honest, I’m never really impressed with the veggie selection at restaurants and the classic veggie burger was okay. The patty itself was falling apart so it was kinda hard to eat since everything was just falling out of my burger. Whilst eating I couldn’t stop thinking about the Nandos veggie burger- which is my faveeeeeeeee veggie burger so far in London- nothing will beat the veggie burger from Prague though NOTHING. The sweet potato fries were okay too, I was expecting it to be a bit more savoury, its sweetness along with the sweetness of the garlic mayo was a bit too much- thankfully there was hot sauce to save the day.

Despite being a veggie, I can still appreciate the beauty of non-veg foods and “the Mighty” was a BEAUT! Look at how perfect the burger is!! My photography skills is on point. My friend said the burger tasted pretty good and the meat was cooked the way he likes it so I guess that’s a win-win. Plus look how big it is!! His mouth was open so wide you could’ve fit a whole watermelon in there.

The best thing about GBK is that they do 30% student discount so GET ON THE APP! I think I’ve got free sauce and a free side ahaha. My meal came to around £7 which is pretty good considering it was around £12 before the discount, not bad eh?

Till next time..!


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