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The Garden of Dreams #NepalNow

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The Garden of Dreams was a place I’ve been wanting to visit for years. I didn’t get a chance to go on my last Nepal visit so this year I made sure I went.

GoD lies at the entrance of Thamel, a bit of peace before the crazy Thamel begins. It’s surrounded by cream walls and has a really pretty entrance. As soon as you enter, you feel peaceful, no joke! I don’t know how it works but as soon as you enter, the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu is instantly silenced. You feel so peaceful and the garden instantly encapsulates you in its tranquil bubble.

There’s a cafe, museum, pond and lounging area for you to relax and chill. There were a few mats lying around so we could lie down and watch the world pass by. GoD seems to be a popular area for couples to escape and get a bit of private time. It was quite a romantic area but don’t fear, it can still be enjoyed by singles and families!

What I loved the most was the swing that was erected for everyone. It’s similar to the swing you get during Dashain time in Nepal and I’ve always wanted to go on it but I’ve never been in Nepal during the festive season. This time, as soon as I saw it there was nothing to stop me from going on it! The only downside was that it was quite painful to sit on, it didn’t have a proper seat so I was quite literally hanging onto two ropes, nevertheless it was amazing and I love every second of it!

GoD was one of the few tourist areas where the effect of the earthquake was easily visible. Buildings had huge cracks on them and two were closed off for reconstruction. Even some of the walls around the garden vicinity were cracked and in desperate need of some TLC.

After our GoD visit, we went for lunch at one of the most popular places in Kathmandu. It was opposite GoD, a place called “Fire and Ice Pizzeria.” Everyone I talked to told me about Fire and Ice, so naturally I had to go and find out what the fuss was about. The menu was surprisingly really impressive, every other restaurant I went to had a very limited menu due to the fuel crisis, but Fire and Ice still managed to have an extensive menu. The pizzas were all stone baked and tasted amazing!! The ice cream was even better- people thought I was a bit crazy for having ice cream in the middle of winter but ice cream tastes the best during colder months XD

Garden of Dream entrance: NRs 100 (for Nepalis, it’s a bit more for foreigners probably around NRs200.)

Fire and Ice Pizzas range from Nrs 500-1000 (but the average price is NRs 650 which is CHEAP!!!)

Fire and Ice icecream: NRs 250 (worthhhh it!)

I will definitely be going back to both places very soon.

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